It’s been said…

Vicki inspires and elicits transformational change in those that she engages with. She’s an active and engaging listener, who asks the right questions, lending insight and clarity; she then seals the learning with relevant perspective and appropriate follow-up. She has an amazing ability to draw upon her broad experience and pull forward the most effective concepts to encourage growth and learning.

Lt. Colonel, service corps


Vicki is truly an inspiration! She is a wonderful speaker who delivers content that is relevant and useful. We have been impressed with how well Vicki connects with her audience, and uses stories that resonate in their personal and professional lives.

Founder, science and technology conference


Vicki is bright, personable, articulate, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Vicki only spent a day with my  team and I was amazed at what she accomplished in such a short amount of time. The day was very productive and, five months later,  staff members still refer to some of the tools she shared.

Executive Director, urban non-profit


I have worked with Vicki for a little more than 2 years and I can only describe our sessions and our relationship as enlightening and empowering.  Thanks to Vicki’s guidance, I am able to envision the end game and then design the path of how I will get there. I feel blessed to have met Vicki and am privileged to work with her.

Director of Human Resources, mid-sized corporation


Vicki had our group complete a pre-meeting assessment called Talent Insights, Behaviors and Motivators, in order to get to know the players prior to meeting them. We spent a very positive morning together. When unexpected issues were uncovered, Vicki was able to shift gears immediately and focus on these new areas of concern. I would recommend Vicki Cotter highly for both short-term ‘fixes’ and complex, long-term projects.  She is a gem!

Executive Director, non-profit organization


Vicki has helped me grow as a professional, as a person, as a woman. She has helped me develop the tools and ability to change my mindset; to shift from negative to positive. For years I was told that I was smart and powerful and had the ability to lift others up, but I didn’t always believe that. Vicki helped me constantly to see the greatness in myself that others see; to put that greatness into action.

Director of Human Resources, sales and marketing organization


Is it OK to have favorites in the business world? Well, Vicki is one of mine. She is direct, open, honest in her leadership style. Vicki is fair but tough and amazingly authentic in a business environment that encourages conformity!

President and Founder, placement company