I’ve been in a slump. Calling it a slump is probably not doing it justice, but I’m trusting you get my point.

Yesterday I heard Adam Grant speak. He talked about Givers and Takers (check him out at and about organizational culture. I was moved and inspired.

Today I attended a breakfast with the Delaware Fund for Women (find them at, where I heard Senator Chris Coons talk about the importance of service to others, as he reminded us how powerful we are as a community when we see each other as neighbors. Delaware’s First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney talked about “service as an attitude, not an activity”, a Quaker belief. I was moved and inspired.

When I am inspired, reminded of my purpose, I find energy I didn’t remember I had. I am ready to DO things that create change, and I am committed to BE love and kindness as I show up in my doing.

When the world, (or your work) gets you down, where do you turn for inspiration? And if you happen to be in a slump, how, exactly, will do you and be out of it? Make a list. Make a promise to yourself. Do it now.

More than ever, the world (and your team) needs you.