Weathering the storm (not the political one!)

The one inside and outside. In me and in the world. My new friend, Joe Sielski (Forecasting forgiveness), although he doesn’t know it, has stirred up quite a storm in me. I’m pretty sure it was already brewing, and listening to Joe’s wisdom stirred it up.

Joe talks about forgiveness. His message is ultimately that letting go of the hurt or anger or fear allows you to focus on that which is better. Joy, love, gratitude.

Joe defines forgiveness as “a realignment with love and reunion with peace.” I love that. Realignment with love and reunion with peace. Imagine what that feels like and what becomes possible from there.

Joe’s talk was about forgiving others. These days I’m pretty good at that. And his words have stayed with me.

And what about forgiving ourselves? There are some big things I need to forgive myself for, and some maybe not so big. The reality is that when I get stuck in the blame game – the woulda coulda shoulda game I play with myself quite regularly – I am not in alignment with anything powerful or useful in my life.

I first thought of this in the context of my personal life. Which quickly led me to my professional life, which led me to the thought that it is all my life. Some relationships are personal. Some are in the context of the work I get paid to do in the world. And in all cases, “a realignment with love and reunion with peace” supports me in being more of the leader I am.

Forgiveness. Maybe that’s the cure to all that makes us sick, or hateful, or afraid or less than. Perhaps if we more quickly and easily forgave ourselves as well as those around us, our lives would be happier and our businesses more productive.

Right now, more than ever in my life, I need this as a mantra. I am taking a stand for “a realignment with love and reunion with peace”. For me, and for you.

What would this mean for your leadership? For your team, your organization, your family? For our world?

Do some thinking. And if you want to have a cup of coffee and chat about it, let me know. I bet I could get Joe to join us.