What’s your word?

This time of year tends to be one of resolutions. Promises we make to ourselves, or maybe to others. Things we want to do that we have not done, or have not done well. Our intentions are good. We are committed. And we fail over and over again. Maybe you don’t, but I do.

And is it too late to do something now? After all, it is January 5. Though maybe not a resolution. Maybe we can keep it simple.  Maybe one word.

It’s not a unique practice. It’s not my idea. And the power of one word can be breathtaking. Maybe that’s your word (breathtaking).  Or possibility.  Imagine what’s possible if possibility is your word.

Do it now. Think about how you’d like to be in this year. What do you want more of? Name it. Write it down.  Say it out loud. Maybe it’s not so easy.  Maybe you need some time. And, notice if you hesitate to commit to one word. What’s that about?

I didn’t have just one word.  So I started with a list. My list included kindness, perseverance, show up, grace, tall, flow, trust, courage and nosecondguessing (yes, it showed up as one big word).

For a few days I went back to my list. I read the words. I rolled them around on my tongue and in my heart. And on the third day my word chose me. You know that ‘thunk’ sound when something is right?  Day three.  Thunk.

Then I played with a mind map because my one word means many things to me. And, it’s my word. It’s my theme for the year. It’s the beginning and the end of every story I tell myself. 

What’s your word?