We Offer

Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.
– Margaret Wheatley


We provide coaching to individuals who are at the top of their game and seeking their edge,  who are preparing for their next big opportunity,  who are new in their role and looking for support, or who are stuck and wanting to become unstuck.

We coach groups and teams that want to assess where they are and increase their effectiveness, that need to improve their alignment, or that want to maximize their leadership and support systems.



The Coaching Circle is a process designed to develop shifts in thinking and acting to support organizational change, strategic alignment and leadership development.

Meeting for one half a day a month for 6 months with (ideally) 10 participants, our Coaching Circle creates a self-sustaining environment of safety and growth. Utilizing deep trust-building exercises, neuroscience, and leadership skills development (all customized to address the unique issues your team is facing) participants practice and create habits of support and challenge which they can draw upon in regular workday situations.


Organizational design & Change Management

We offer processes and structure that support leaders and their teams as they navigate complex (or not so complex) organizational change.


strategic meeting design & facilitation

We bring a perspective from outside your system (think forest & trees.) We keep you on track. We provide support and processes that level the playing field. New possibilities emerge.


Speaking & Workshops

Vicki brings her passion for people, organizations and possibility to every group she speaks to. Her experience and stories are combined with tools that can be applied immediately.

Topics include
  • Using neuroscience to improve your effectiveness
  • Getting out of your own way: the power of stories
  • Improving our effectiveness and our relationships
  • Coaching the Coaches
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Leadership and followership
  • Are we too polite?