In Practice

Imagine a world where people wake up inspired to go to work.
– Simon Sinek


We were hired to help with a reorganization in a young, medium size consumer electronics company. The design resulted in combining two separate organizations, which impacted reporting relationships, communication, goals and work processes, and required a very different kind of collaboration. Additionally, one team was ‘losing’ a leader they loved, and would report to a leader with a very different style. We interviewed all key stakeholders to collect sound and current data, and worked with the leader to design a dialogue to engage the group in the current thinking AND get their input, and set clear expectations on the path forward. Our process clearly defined roles, goals, processes and relationships in a way that everyone knew what was expected and kept business moving during the change process.


Growing Pains

A non-profit was growing rapidly. They had added more than half their staff (more than 15 people) in the most recent 18 months. And, they were experiencing some growing pains in the form of conflict between their organizational units. While these growing pains had not hindered their ability achieve their mission, they wanted to ensure the excellent work they were doing could continue. We started with gaining a clear expectation of the current state, and defined a path to reach their desired future. We engaged all staff members in the challenge and the solution. We set clear expectations. And we made a commitment to do it with compassion, respect, humor and joy – in alignment with their values.


Addressing Turnover

A multinational was experiencing higher than normal (for them) turnover among women with 1-3 years of experience in the technical functions in the U.S.. We designed a pilot process to support their strategic objective around leveraging their culture to drive their success. Our design provided a clear path to support the shifts in thinking and acting required to engage participants in order to retain them in service of achieving the organizations’ new strategic goals. We did this through multiple perspectives (a diverse group of employees), a coach outside their system, and practice with models and tools aligned with their culture and goals. Following the success of the pilot (all women), we lead Circles with more diverse groups of employees, and found the results to be equally powerful.